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D4d diesel knock

02mm. Why is my toyota hiace D4D has a engine knock what can it be. When the engine is idling at traffic lights, it sounds normal. He said: "Common-rail fuel systems are hi-tech and are designed for European diesel. Higher the temperature higher the emissions of NOx (because more energy promotes the chemical reaction). Rattle/knocking noise on 3. Aspects that will be reviewed are: • Small injection quantity learning • And more…. 90 series 120 120 series 150 150 series arb bull bar bullbar d4d diesel Because it has the two essential elements to make NOx 1. It sounds like any brand new diesel truck I've heard when cold. It has 16 valves and a double overhead camshaft (DOHC) design. 2 diesel model year 2005. 5L TURBO DIESEL ENGINE SPECIALIST. Certainly, there are some common repairs needed on specific engines that are easy to do, but that doesn’t mean everything else will be easy to diagnose. Diesel-specific system factors you need to be aware of whilst working on, and diagnosing, a DENSO Diesel common rail system. you have a leak in one of your fuel lines . All common rail engines have a pressure sensor in the high pressure rail. " I am absolutely new in this community and recently bought a D4D Rav4. One result of the increasing market share of diesel vehicles is that we are seeing more and more pressure related fault codes, with the high replacement cost of CRD components it is important to make an efficient accurate diagnosis. Introduction It is the high pressure-rise rates associated with the auto-ignition of fuel during the premixed Re: Hey folks, got a question about diesel knock Smoke color - Hmmmm, seems more on the white side maybe with a hint of blue, not black unless its during start up. One reason Toyota use this concept to reduce diesel knock at idle. Remapping done by Diesel City in JHB. 0 D4D. You may not modify, copy, publish, transmit, display, distribute, or sell any information from this document without the expressed written consent of Diesel Toyz LLC. 0 D-4D 1KD-FTV Engine Problems and Reliability. This is the epicentre of issues for the D4D motor: shithouse injectors and seals that cause a flow-on effect of issues, which you can read about more below. Now, on vehicles with a catalytic converter and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) this might not work, because the fuel vapor can get lost in all the exhaust components. 0 previa d4d with 130k on clock has developed a knocking noise ive put a mechanics stethascope on the engine and it seems to be high up in the engine cyl head area towards cambelt end,it knocks when reved up and as the engine speed drops also the tickov Knocking on start up I have a similar situaution with a new hilux with the D4D motor knocking on start up, sounds like its going to take off. low oil pressure due to big end bearings so got engine recondition. When the diesel injector pump is cold it is excessively noisy until the engine is warm. Every morning i have to warm it up for at least 10 minutes before driving otherwise i wake up my street. From the day I bought it, I noticed that the starting was not as fast as I expected it. Diesel injector problems on Hilux - am I right / is Toyota right / both / neither ? OK, have a 2006 turbo diesel Hilux, just under 100,000 k's, still covered by Toyota's "Factory Approved Extended Warranty Insurance" (which may or may not be owned / administered by Toyota, I keep getting told different things). 06 in). Video: Diesel engine knocking noise. if i crack the fuel line on number one cylinder it goes away. This is done in order to reduce Troubleshoot a diesel engine common things to check first when not starting, Hard to start engine, Runs rough at lower RPM, Lack of power, Diesel knock /  Jun 20, 2013 Many are plagued by diesel engine problems. Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - Giles: I own a D4D 2. Rod knock is caused by a severe failure of one or more crankshaft connecting rod bearings. These are the noises that should be attended to immediately. I dunno what is left. Noise happen if I accelerate the car. Any one who had the same kind of problem or who has any idea of how to fix this please help Toyota Prado Forums. The prelift uses the 1st stage nozzle opening spring until the 2nd opening spring pressure is reached to then open the nozzle to full travel, around 0. all we do is regularly service them. 0-liter diesel was offered for installation in the Toyota Mk. The engine will move a fair bit under the conditions you describe and so will the exhaust. but its not be a outward leak its sucking air . Once The knocking sound could be a result of lack of fuel pressure, and the engine labouring to turn over. It is loud and nasty, and usually goes hand-in-hand with poor fuel economy and sometimes a rough idle. You have to get underneath and really violently push and pull. Dealership and other shops assured me it was an injection problem so I went with all new 4 Denso injectors, the noise remains the same, shops usually go for troubleshooting injection yo any rough engine noise. 78 in × 4. 0 L (2,982 cc) straight-four common rail D-4D (Direct injection four-stroke common-rail Diesel) diesel engine with a variable nozzle turbocharger (VNT) and Intercooler. The local dealer virtually said the same as was said in the prev post but added that they also have a very fine fuel filter in them and this also caused problems with the fuel system and they have been replacing them with one not as fine. 5:1 compression. A small amount of fuel builds up in the combustion chamber before it ignites, and when it does, the rapid ignition of accumulated fuel causes a shock wave the resonates the combustion chamber. It goes between the origional filter and the pump. After starting the car is rev up on its on and I have turn the key off to stop it but still the engine keeps running. This can mean the oil pick up gauze strainer gets clogged and, like this poor Prado, no or low oil pressure due to the carbon clogged oil pickup strainer and now engine damage. Normally the fuel pump fails due to internal parts being worn due to contamination (see Contamination) or by your fuel pump breaking up internally which causes metal swarf to enter the fuel system. Toyota Hilux 1KD-FTV EURO 4 Spec. TOYOTA HILUX D4D diesel knock ‘again’ after just 200km on new genuine Injectors The formation of NOx depends mainly on the temperature of the combustion. Diesel knocking. My hilux turbo disel makes really loud knocking noise when engine is…. Let's face it, a chip is a chip isn't it? Diesel Saloon with 76,967 miles and manual transmission. Diesels do have a particular knock to them all the time, to the tune of an explosion happening in the piston at 23. Mar 28, 2016 Don't freak out (yet). Hilux D4D bad fuel Injector Problem Like all new vehicle dealers, Knight’s Toyota (Leongatha, VIC) service their customers vehicles, but these days, they do something a little different. Diesel knock is a by-product of the raised compression and fuel injection process and is an acceptable result of the ignition sequence. Diesel Toyz llc accepts no liability for content or procedures described. Looking for source of parts from my 1996 90 series diesel Prado, in particular a radiator. I have a 2008 hilux d4d 177000 on the clock I just brought it the other day had a pre car inspection done but the fella i brought it off heated the car up before the mechanic came so I got the all clear to buy it took it home, the next morning I go to drive it and it sounds like don't be rude! how do I tell if its the injectors making the noise The Toyota V8 diesel has been around for about year or so now and there is the odd problem developing,but nothing too nasty so far. why is my toyota hiace D4D has a engine knock what can it be - Toyota 1996 Land Cruiser question Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - Tigger: As I understand it the copper injector seals let exhaust fumes past, which enters the oil. ie I have had the new duel cab hilux D4D for 3 years, its never missed a beat, its taken us on some great family holidays into remote areas, when you read the Hilux forum its full of horror stories of clutch failure, limp home modes activating, dirty fuel destroying motors, CV's breaking, thrust bearing failing, electrical problems etc etc, they The diesel engine was somewhat unrefined till 20,000 miles, then quietened noticeably. Bakkie goes very well, but while travelling at cruising speed, it suddenly develops a helluva noize up front (sounds similar to a broken bearing), loses power momentarily (no smoke) and then suddenly everything is back to normal and continues as if nothing happened. Want Answer 0. What's causing this? The injector seal issue we covered in  Also, many diesel owners resent paying to have their engine's EGR valve replaced (this misfiring may produce an unusual metallic rattle or knocking when the  Blue smoke coming from your engine is a warning sign you can't ignore. High temperature: Diesel engines generare heat from higher compression as well as combustion. Still had another almost 2,000 miles to go before next oil change was due. 5 litre Hilux, model 2006. Hilux death rattle is like no other diesel rattle you've ever heard. And yes a mate of mine has a Prado that had just reached 200k only for the engine to crap itself. As mentioned in an earlier post, almost every failure of Hilux injectors and pumps can be traced to fuel, either the quality or the pressure. The incredible pressure that common rail systems operate under causes tremendous heat, which can break down the diesel fuel in the system. As stated up front, with the advent of electronic control of diesel injection systems, a plethora of tuning devices have been released on the market to tempt the Prado and Land Cruiser performance enthusiast. Posted on Jan 25, 2009 Diesel Smoke tells YOU a Story…. 30mm. The Euro IV engine versions had the serious problem with cracked pistons. The most common cause is lack of engine oil, this is usually the first part in an engine to fail when it runs out of oil. It will compare this information with its preset tables to identify a valid knock These have a prelift measurement, tolerance of 0. If your diesel high pressure fuel pump is faulty this will cause low pressure (see low fuel pressure). Do you have a problem with your Toyota D4D engine? Or an issue with any Toyota Hilux, Prado and Landcruiser diesel or petrol engine? Give us a call for a FREE QUOTE 0414 560 771 TOYOTA 1KD-FTV 3. Some knocking noises are normal and should be of no concern at all, while other deep noises can be a sure sign of impending doom. . Diesel knock is the clanking, rattling sound emitted from a running Diesel Engine. 0 D4D Business Edition (143PS) S/S 4, Price: €14,345 2. It is quite normal for many direct injection diesel engines to rattle when cold (D4D), also many pre-chamber/indirect injection diesel engines also rattle. 5 D4D may pull a few tricks from its hat during its time in your care as an owner. Another great story about those new engines are the injectors, that have a coper o-ring in the base with the head, and it start the problem. Not just "diesel engine rattle" loud but "dude, wtf is wrong with your car" loud. Many manufacturers equip diesel engines with glow plugs to aid in starting the engine in cold climates. How do you disconnect the EGR valve on a 2010 Hilux D4D without interfering with engine function? The EGR valve creates sludge buildup in the inlet manifold to the point where the engine will lose performance and I would like to eliminate this problem Many large diesel engines in a similar situation would as a matter of course have just the one piston etc replaced; cylinder, crank, valves, etc checked for damage; & then everything re-assembled and let run for another million kms/thousands of hours or beyond. if i started it in the morning or after work and drive it straight away it makes a very loud knock until the engine gets warm then it goes away. Block exhaust whilst offroading, cut it short I changed the turbo took the head of pressure tested and valve stems changed. A diesel engine is difficult to start in cold weather due to its lack of an electronic ignition system. Interesting to see how many 2. much more if you push it hard cold. Just to add it's not timing chain, suspension or plastic cover issue. and loud. Knock Sensor. Bore and stroke is 96 mm × 103 mm (3. As its name indicates, your Toyota knock sensor detects the vibration that engine knocking and pinging can cause. first look at all of the steel lines. Injector issue? Not this time worse. Old fuel, carbon and residue inside the fuel cause fuel injectors and or their filter baskets to become clogged. Rest of the time, it just rattled "quietly" like a normal diesel. The injectors do not have return lines that I know of or if there are I don't know what I'm looking at. For the last few months car has had a knocking/metallic sound (Sounds like something hitting )inside the engine )When I take my foot off the accelerator, the sound goes away. Tag Cloud. The all famous diesel Clatter, correct terminology, is caused by ignition lag, which occurs between the start of injection and the start of ignition. The knock returned and I then took it to another Toyota dealer, where the mechanic diagnosed dirty injectors. hello the knocking noise occurs all the time with a cold engine. 7 CDTI Year 2004 has a diesel knocking sound but after 10 minutes or so, the sound is very very much less. Diesel engines produce exceedingly powerful suction, and the air intake goes directly to the engine. If for some reason one injector gets stuck open or starts opening at a lower injection Faulty high pressure pump in a diesel engine. the procedure outlined within. There was a thread talking about 100 series with roof racks letting water leak in through the screws that mount the racks, and apparently it can drip straight onto the computer (has yours got, or had roof racks or been underwater at some stage, rust on componants, bolts etc). Had to coast off the nearest exit. I have a 2008 hilux d4d 177000 on the clock I just brought it the other day had a pre car inspection done but the fella i brought it off heated the car up before the mechanic came so I got the all clear to buy it took it home, the next morning I go to drive it and it sounds like don't be rude! how do I tell if its the injectors making the noise Blowing white smoke is a red flag for your diesel engine, yet we see this happen all the time to our customers. The one thing that makes me wonder about whether or not it's the injectors, is that it doesn't make ANY knocking sound at all, whether the throttle is pushed, or at idle, until the motor is warmed up. Lots of air: Diesel engines burn lean and have excess of air - more importantly oxygen. TOYOTA Do you have a problem with your Toyota D4D engine? Or an issue with Now there is a load knock in the engine. If you are referring to the D4D Engine the cold rattle you are hearing when you first drive off is normal and is a result of the engine injection control configuration. PradoPoint - Toyota Prado 4x4 Landcruiser Forum Statistics 90 series 120 120 series 150 150 series arb bull bar bullbar d4d diesel Engine made knocking noise while on the freeway, and then the car died - everything quit. ie 2015 (152) Toyota Avensis *50* 2. Posted by Anonymous on May 31, 2014. As always the first step in any diagnosis is to record and clear, and operate vehicle until fault codes reset. That problem is characterized by the presence of black smoke, strong knocking noise, high crankcase pressure and loss of power. Almost every injector fault comes from fuel issues, either poor fuel quality, Bio diesel (which is as effective as running cordial through your fuel tank) and or Fuel pressure issues. The PCM uses this signal to alter the ignition timing and prevent detonation. BLOWBY (or BLOWBY SMOKE) is the emission of crankcase pressure (and fumes/smoke) out the crankcase ventilation system, and generally regarded as a clear indication of an urgently needed, and expensive, engine rebuild. ( Sounds like a person running next to pallasade fencing hitting it with a stick - this is mainly when you accellerate past a certain rev. 0L AND 1VD-FTV 4. 8 diesel and just a little while ago whilst idling it has started knocking/tapping but car is running fine just very loud knocking/tapping could someone give me some ideas of what it might be and yes it has oil thanks guys on Jan 8 2012, 12:40 PM within the Help & Advice category. most are tritons and 2 pajeros, they are always out on hire, 90% of the time its because some companys hilux has died. Toyota Fortuner D4D 2010 front suspension knock Please help, I bought this Toyota Fortuner D4D 2010 4 x4 3l secondhand and while driving over speed humps I have this loud cluck sound from the front suspension. The D4D system commonly presents itself with injector problems and the main reason for this is dirty diesel being used. The knock sensor is located on the engine block, cylinder head or intake manifold. ( firstfourby ) hey guys i have a 93 toyota hilux ute which is a 3l 2. Diesel owners (most) and fundi's actually develop an ear for the small differences between normal combustion and "diesel knock" which could indicate a problem. Because almost anything can fly or drop into it — from nuts and bolts to your favorite hairpiece — you risk serious damage to the engine if you open the cold air collector box with the engine running. The oil becomes gradually gunged up, and when the oil strainer gets blocked the engine can be terminally damaged due to oil starvation. A knock is generally caused by the ignition timing. Re: Dont buy A diesel that starts with "M". As a last resort, it might be a good thing to pull out a glow plug (if the engine has glow plugs) and give the engine a crank. In this post, we discuss black smoke, one of the most common ones. Drive it harder (above 2500 revs) and the noise disappears. Symptoms of a failing injector are a loud knock that is audible with the windows down. It usually happens between 60-100k miles (100-150k km). Right it's a Colorado 2001 3. A diesel engine can ping, cling, clang and bang, and all the time you are wondering just what is acceptable and what is not. The 3. level of diesel knock occurring in the engine whist the sensor positioned on the head of the en-gine gave no indication concerning diesel knock severity levels. Yes. it was very smooth and quiet before. The reason is that the cracking pressure can relate directly to the injector timing. I know the starting behaviour from other diesel cars mainly BMW and Mercedes and I think the Toyota takes a little longer to start than the other ones I know. In many cases, white smoke emanating from the tailpipe (often at idle once the engine reached operating temperature) typically means a worn out injector. Your Toyota knock sensor is an important part of seeing to it that your combustion system functions as it should. did it my self obviously teaching myself, messed it up. hi i could use a little help here my 2005 2. I had a set of dirty injectors run all stupid. Nov 7, 2013 Engine knock is among the most disturbing problems a vehicle can have, but not Basically, engine knock (also known as pinging, detonation and spark How a Diesel Fuel Injection System Works: Understanding Fuel  There is an issue here with the Hi Lux and Fortuner engines D4D 1KD-FTV both are I have had a diesel clatter/knocking sound coming from my LC5 around . I mean totally no knock at all when it's cold. Extremely loud. Do My Diesel Fuel Injectors Need Replacing? Know These 5 Symptoms. Nov 4, 2018 TOYOTA 1KD-FTV 3. if no problem found go to all the rubber lines you are sure to find the problem. Do you have  Also, this 3. This is because its function is to sense vibrations caused by engine knock or detonation. SOURCE: toyota hiace GS300 d4d diesel 2053 engine stops whilst ideling. Dec 17, 2012 No. Engine is dead. No/Low oil pressure. Engine spark knock happens when the fuel mixture is subjected to either too much compression, heat or both. It was my first diesel and indeed it was a major adaption in engine noise. You can also get an extra fuel filter from a company callede Diesel Care. ” The most accurate part of that statement is that it is a diesel engine. 0 D4D does this too, sounds like the big ends gone for the first 10 mins of driving but its apparently just a characteristic of the engine. What I mean is when you start the car in the morning, it starts first time always but when you step on the gas a little there is a diesel knock. It is evident as pressure coming out the crankcase ventilation tube, There is an issue here with the Hi Lux and Fortuner engines D4D 1KD-FTV both are developing the weird injection sound at cold start . TOYOTA HILUX - Noisy Toyota Hilux engine - strickjumpers I have a 3liter turbo Hilux D4Dthe engine seems to be noisy compared to other ones, there is also a one cylinder kind of light tap or knock, can anyone tell me if the tappets are manually adjustable or hydraulic. $15000 to fix. This noise is caused by the compression of air in the cylinders and the ignition of the fuel as it is injected into the cylinder. 0 Diesel for sale in Donegal on CarsIreland. You hear this sound best when the vehicle is cold, or when sound bounces back to you from another car or wall. Learn the differences between a clunk, rattle and squeal. All diesel engines are not made the same, but the information listed below is a generic cause and effect list of items to check for when diagnosing diesel engine trouble. A fuel injector is considered to be clogged if the amount of debris or gunk inside the injector or filter basket has built up to such an extent that it does not allow fuel to flow trough. And only in certain conditions - here in Newcastle, it was only on very cold mornings. however, if you say it is louder than normal, and you have checked everything. Diesel Engine Trouble Shooting Chart . All services should be performed by an experienced technician. would an injector cause this noise? thanks, Mike. After first using CEM’s products to successfully address specific problems in this case a Hilux D4D fuel injector problem . Clogged Injectors. Use a thinner grade Oil is supposed to help too. 7 Hilux, Toyota smoke, strong knocking noise, high crankcase pressure and loss of power. The easiest way to try and identify the cause of a knock, once you've established that you do indeed have one, is to isolate the cylinder on which it happens. 5 d4d Up to around 2500 rpm there’s a loud diesel knock after 2500 it goes away No fault codes No misfires at idle All 4 injectors tested fine Just to hijack this thread - my Hilux 3. In fact it is probably the biggest cause of an abnormally loud knock. new injectors diesel knock Unread post by tuf40s » July 13th, 2010, 7:04 am hi, i have a 1984 landcruiser with the 2h engine with 270,000kms and i replaced the injectors and now it has loud diesel knock that wasnt there before changing. 1ad-ftv 1cd-ftv 2ad-ftv 20d-4d 85kw auris avensis black clutch corolla d-4d d-cat d4-d denso diesel door engine estate flywheel fuel full genuine history leather manual miles motor owner previa pump rav4 saloon service silver speed spirit t3-s t3-x t180 toyota turbo turbocharger turbolader valve verso Faulty injector (s) This causes a drop in rail pressure (see “ low fuel pressure “) which results in hard starting or not starting at all issue. 5 d4d Up to around 2500 rpm there’s a loud diesel knock after 2500 it goes away No fault codes No misfires at idle All 4 injectors tested fine Evening all I have a Toyota HiAce in at the moment 2007 2. This creates temperatures high enough for the otherwise inert nitrogen to form oxides. The knocks were "large" combustion events when the gov was trying to abruptly increase speed. Thank you Puppeteer. The injectors would have remained clean for ages if good diesel were available. The noise comes around only acceleration, it isn't noticable during iddle. Damaged or leaking fuel injectors can cause problems for D-4D direct-injection common rail diesel engine This modern technology makes use of a high-pressure pump, a common rail, and computer-controlled injectors to deliver exactly the right amount of fuel to each cylinder, at precisely the right timing. It is important to set these injectors to specifications. 0l d4d diesel automatic. The 1KD-FTV is a 3. Repairs require engine removal and complete disassembly at significant expense. Mostly at Smoking pretty heavy too when the knocking is happening. (approx $400) Apparently clean fuel is a must in these engines. The Toyota Hilux 2. 7 Discos have passed that amount of ks. Diesel Truck Parts Damage Fuel and Water contamination . If this sensor is showing the proper amount of pressure, you can be assured there is pressure in the rail. At 65,000 kms the problem returned, and the vehicle went in for the 75,000km service as planned, August 2011. We are here to help. My Delica just started knocking really badly today. Solved: Injector Rattle / Diesel Knock in Toyota diesel engines If anyone notices any rattling noise in their GDFTV's between 1500-2500RPM which clears up after 2500RPM and it does not accompany with a check engine light and the dealer is clueless about it fret not. D4D rattle, premature Hilux injectors and pumps failing, stalling, rapid piston and cylinder deterioration have all been documented in every major common rail manufacturer, some with 50k or less on the odometer. Evening all I have a Toyota HiAce in at the moment 2007 2. Some knocking noises are normal  Feb 20, 2019 Recently, a customer with a 2008 Hilux common rail diesel (CRD), had a bad fuel injector problem a severe injector rattle and discussed his  Uncontrolled combustion in Petrol engine is known as knocking and in Diesel engine its called as detonation. The following commonly experienced problems need some attention: Injector Issues. Hie guys i recently changed my diesel injector pump on my Vw Jetta 4 2003 model tdi. Diagnosing Diesel Engine Knocking Noises. Keywords: Diesel knock, dual-fuel, condition monitoring 1. point). I thought this thread might interest those who like to follow the new diesel engine as it gathers miles,friends and foes . The ring gear had some missing teeth, and the governor was seeing an oscillating speed signal, which it tried to overcome by jiggling the fueling up and down dramatically. ATF fixed the knock. My Meriva 1. D4D Toyota Hilux Injector Fault. In Donegal for sale on CarsIreland. Another problem resulting from worn parts is a delay in the start of injection which in turn results in rough running at low RPM or your diesel engine not starting. There was no warning - no maintenance required lights were lit on the dash. I think you mean D4D diesel. Auto Repair For Dummies, 2nd Edition. A phrase that customers often use is, “This is a diesel engine; the problem should be easy to diagnose. In order to comply with legislation, additives are being added to diesel (apart from the Sulphur already in fuel). Posted on April 18, 2017 by Dieselogic. At 30,000kms it would stall just after starting, but ceased to do this after a service (no cause reported). The massive fuel pressures cause heat in the fuel system, lower quality diesel fuel will burn off at lower temperatures. Posted on Jan 25, 2009 The early Hilux and Prado D4D injector seals are faulty and they allow carbons to leak up the side of the injector and into the engine oil. An injector stuck shut causes a lean misfire which causes the engine to hesitate and  A Toyota 3 litre D4D knocking its head off. Fault – Crack in piston, can lead to localised rupture Symptoms – Sudden loss of power, engine runs rough (on 3 cylinders), loud knock at idle, black smoke from exhaust, excessive crankcase pressures When disassembling the engine, there are cracks detected in one or more pistons (various sizes, If you are working on a common rail diesel fuel system, the injector rail pressure PID is the telltale PID on fuel pressure. all new gaskets still smoking ended up changing the piston rings and big end bearings. Our diesel is just not good enough. Hi all, Car is 2007 Toyota Avensis D4D. Toyota Avensis D4D Knocking Noise - Hamsafar : It could still be the exhaust, sometimes they knock on things further away than you expect. That's the one in the Hilux. The original injector seats at the base of the injector were made from copper, which would fail regularly. The early Hilux and Prado D4D injector seals are faulty and they allow carbons to leak up the side of the injector and into the engine oil. Knowing the possible causes could save you a lot of time and money. 2. So, If your engine is making that annoying knocking, pinging or rattling sound, then you’re probably experiencing engine spark knock. I work for a Hire Centre amd we have 7 4m40t motors most with over 350000ks and a new 4m41t triton. On Feb 25, 2008, a question titled 'series 60 knock noise' (2793) was added to the Detroit forum on Diesel Talk. d4d diesel knock

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